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Shipping & Receiving Questions

Where Do You Ship To?

We ship directly to your house via fedex in the 48 continental states.

How Does Delivery Work?

Delivery is overnight (same day in some locations) via courier, right to your doorstep. Someone will need to be home to make sure the flowers get placed in water as soon as possible! It’s important to schedule your flowers to arrive a couple days before your wedding, to allow the flowers time to open up, and to give wiggle room for the (super small slim chance) that there is a shipping delay

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Our flat rate is $35 on shipping fresh flowers – We ship anywhere in the US! If you place an order for $750 or more, shipping is waived!

Do Flower Arrangements Need Refrigeration?

  • The answer is no!  It’s a popular myth on the internet that a fridge is needed to store your flowers, but that simply isn’t true! Professional industrial floral coolers are warmer than your household fridge, and it’ll make your flowers too chilly if you keep them in your home fridge. The best temp for flowers is between 15 and 22 degree’s Celsius. which is really just regular room temperature! You’ll want to keep your flowers away from any intense drafts (like a fan or a heater) and away from harsh sunlight (like a large bay window) but a fridge is not necessary at all.
  • You might not know this, but your fruits and vegetables off put gas as they ripen, and that gas will actually shorten your flowers lifespan! So if you do end up putting flowers in the fridge, make sure you put your veggies and fruit in a sealed plastic bag to keep the fumes at bay.
  • There are a few instances where we do recommend using the fridge, particularly for storing boutonnieres, corsages, and flower crowns. Since these floral items don’t have a water source, the fridge will help extend their lifespan, particularly if you put them in a hydration chamber (watch our video on how to make your own!)
  • We also will pop flowers in the fridge if the blooms are opening faster than ideal, but a cool dark area (like a basement) works just as well (if not better!). The inverse is also true, if you’re wanting your blooms to open up faster, bring them into a sunny bright area.

What Happens if the Flowers Arrive in Poor Condition?

  • First off, let us assure you, we’ve done this a lot and we’ve got this shipping thing down pat! With our speedy delivery system, our flowers spend very little time in transit, so they generally arrive in peak condition. If you unpack your flowers and think they look a little under the weather, follow the regular flower care stems (cut the ends using pruners not scissors, and put in a clean bucket of water). Make sure to read our flower care section to learn about how to prep your blooms (for example, roses have guard petals that are ugly and are meant to be removed). Sometimes flowers can be a little dehydrated and all they need is a bit of time to drink water and they will perk up. 
  • If you’re feeling concerned, by all means take a photo and send us an email ( and we’ll assess what’s going on. Note that for any claims to be accepted, you must contact us within 12 hours of your delivery (more details here). 

Do you Offer Design Consults?

We sure do! You can book a 1:1 chat with one of our florists for a design consult and we’ll answer any questions you have and help you figure out quantities of flowers you need for your recipe. We have a great You Tube channel as well, which has a wealth of knowledge and we have a video that covers essential information you need to know before embarking on your DIY Journey. If you just have a question or two, feel free to drop us an email!

Do I Have To Be Home To Receive My Flowers?

It is highly recommended to have someone at home to receive your flowers, as it is up the the shippers discretion if they will leave the flowers on your front porch, or return them to the depot for delivery the next day (an additional fee might apply for this). If you have to leave the house for any reason, we suggest leaving a note on your front door.

Your flowers are living things and need to be put in water ASAP, so leaving them waiting may cause them to die.

When Should I Start Arranging?

Below is a suggested timeline, but like all suggestions, they can be adjusted!

Day 1: Prep and hydrate all your flowers
This usually takes 1-2 hours

Day 2: Make your arrangements!
Most couples take between 2-5 hours arranging, but it totally depends on how many helper you have, how many flowers you order, and how many glasses of wine you have!

Day 3: Make boutineers/flower crowns
Because these arrangements will be out of water, you want to make them as close to your date as you can.

How Do I Take Care Of My Flowers?

We’ve got a few resources to help you care for your flowers, check out our blog post here, or if you’re more visual person– we’re got a few videos!”

How Do I Store My Arrangements After I Make Them?

Flowers are living breathing things, so they need water – forget about water, and your flowers will be very very sad. We’ve written a detailed blog about how to care for your flowers, check it out here.

How Do I Know What Flowers Are Available?

All the flowers on our website ((with a few exceptions such as sunflowers and tweedia) are available year around. We source locally when possible (and in season) and import (generally from South America) when outside the local growing season.

When Might A Substitution Happen?

Flowers are perishable, so occassionally, a flower comes to us from the farm and they aren’t up to snuff… or perhaps there is a bizarre weather event that impacts the flower crop. In that case, if the flower you desire is not available, we will email (or call) you and let you know what substitutions are available to you.


When Should I Place My Order?

You can place your order whenever you like! Ordering in advance locks in current prices and improves availability.

The cut-off for orders for weddings/large fresh flower orders is 3 weeks prior to your event. If your wedding falls on the week of a major floral holiday (i.e. Mothers Day/Valentines/etc), more advance notice is needed to place your order, at least 6 weeks. If you have a last minute request, contact us and we may be able to accommodate it.

What Day Should I Get My Order?

If your wedding/event is on a Saturday, we recommend getting the order on a Wednesday, to give the flowers time to open, and to give a buffer in the unlikely case there are any concerns with your order, or delays in shipment.

Can I Special Order A Type Of Greenery/Flower?

If you’re looking for a specific type of greenery or flower that’s not listed on our website, contact us, we may be able to provide it!

Is There A Minimum Order?

Yes, $300, however, note that flowers/greenery are sold in bunches, rather than individual stems (most bunches have 10 flowers per bundle).

Do You Offer Arranging?

No – we cater to the DIY’er!

Terms & Conditions


    • If you cancel a minimum of 21 days (3 weeks) before the event, there is a 10% hold back (to account for credit card fees/etc).
    • If you cancel between 8 and 20 days before your event, there is a 75% hold back.
    • Cancellations within 7 days before your event will have zero refund.

    This cancellation policy is due to the fact that flowers are pre-ordered far in advance and are unable to be cancelled when close to an event, they’ve already been reserved for you at the farm and may even be on their way in transit to the warehouse. Cancellations must be sent via email (


  • It’s important that you contact us within 12 hours of your delivery if there are any issues with the order so we can rectify the situation – either by replacing the product in time for your event or issuing a refund.
  • Not every flower will be perfect, you should expect a small amount of spoilage or a broken stem, that is within the normal realm. Of course, we stand behind our product and will issue a refund or send a replacement in the unlikely event the flowers are unusable.
  • We endeavour to have our website photos as accurate as possible, but you should expect slight color variations, which happen due to the growing conditions, time of year, filters on photos etc. We do not issue refunds due to slight color fluctuation from the website photos, however, if the color varies significantly, please get in contact with us right away so we can discuss options.
  • If there is a courier delay, we are not able to control that and cannot cancel your order once its on the road. Make sure that you have your flowers scheduled to arrive 2-3 days before your wedding so that you aren’t in a pickle if Loomis/Maximum has a hitch!

Have Any Questions?

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