DIY Tips – Storing Your Flowers

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Wondering what to do now that you’ve assembled your works of art? Obviously step one is to congratulate yourself, then step two is to post on insta (tag us @_youfloral)…. and now its time to think about where to put them until your big day! Depending on what you’ve made, you after-care instructions will differ a bit, keep reading to learn what to do!


Storing Your Flowers


Boutonnieres, corsages, flower crowns

  • Find a tupperware container, line it with damp paper towel, put your items inside, and close the lids. Place everything in your fridge, at the warmest setting. If you keep fruits/veggies in the fridge, put them in sealed plastic bags – they emit gases that’ll make your flowers prematurely die!
  • Given that these items won’t have hydration, we suggest making them as close to your event as possible, the night before is ideal!


Vase arrangements

  • These are fantastic because they obviously have water with them. Make sure there is lots of water in the vase, no leaves underwater, and just keep these in a cool dry place – don’t refrigerate! You can make these two days before the event no problem.


Greenery on a table

  • If you’re loose laying greenery on the table, you can pre-cut the pieces in advance, just keep them in vases/buckets of water until you’re ready to use them. You can lay out the greenery the morning of your event, or even the night before – eucalyptus and ruscus are quite hardy, so they’ll be fine out of water. If its really hot out, the greenery will begin to dry out, if that’s not your vibe, then minimize the amount of time that the greenery is resting on the tables.
  • If you’re wiring the greenery into garlands, you can put the garlands into misted plastic bags (garbage bags are great), and then tie up the bag to keep everything damp. Keep the bag in a cool room, or put it in the refrigerator.


Wet foam (i.e. arch arrangements)

  • Keep an eye on the foam to make sure it stays damp; you can use your kitchen sink sprayer or garden hose to refresh the foam. Flowers don’t love being in foam, so try to minimize the time it’ll be chilling in it.


Hopefully you find these tips helpful, if you ever have questions drop us an email ( or reach out on IG @_youfloral. Happy DIY’ing!



<h3> About Sarah F.</h3>

About Sarah F.

Sarah is the owner of You Floral based out of Victoria BC. She specializes in curating flower arrangements for life's most treasured moments. From weddings to celebrations she's widely recognized for her artistic floral selections and for providing DIY insights for many that love the idea of crafting their own bouquets.

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