DIY Wedding Bouquet Florals

Creating a DIY Wedding Bouquet Florals is easy with You Floral. We offer pre-designed DIY flower collections so you don’t have to stress over getting quantities right or creating designs from scratch. Simply select from our collections and we ship all the flowers you need.

If you need to add on, or tweak it a bit, feel free to use these as a guide and build your own custom package by shopping in our bulk greenery/bulk flower section!

If you’re looking for something customized, we offer Design Consultations

We have three pre-created package options, to suit your budget and wedding size needs


Bridal Party Package

Pricing around $800


Bridal Party Package – Budget

Pricing around $450


Elopement Package

Pricing around $225

Everything You Need In One Box!

shop from our popular DIY wedding floral packages.

Gorgeous Greenery

Gorgeous Greenery

Fawn Blush

Fawn & Blush

Eucalyptus Lace

Eucalyptus & Lace

Champagne Silk

Champagne & Silk

Periwinkle Peridot

Periwinkle & Peridot

Lilac Lavender

Lilac & Lavender

Flower Child

Flower Child

spring blossom lemon zest

Spring Blossom & Lemon Zest

Tumeric Citrine

Tumeric & Citrine

Taupe Terracotta

Taupe & Terracotta

Burgundy Brocade

Burgundy & Brocade

Coral Cotton

Coral & Cotton

  • Eucalyptus Silver Dollar North Vancouver FloristEucalyptus Silver Dollar Florist Near Me 1

    Eucalyptus – Silver Dollar

  • youfloral sugarbush proteayoufloral protea sugarbush

    Sugar Bush Protea

  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus Florist Calgary

    Baby Blue Eucalyptus

  • Burgundy LisianthusBurgundy Lisianthus

    Burgundy Lisianthus

  • white carnationWhite Carnation Standard Florist Near Me

    White Carnation Standard

  • White Carnation Mini Florist Near Me

    White Carnation – Mini

  • blush soft pink ranunculus1

    Blush/Soft Pink Ranunculus

  • Terracotta Carnation StandardTerracotta Carnation Standard

    Terracotta Carnation Standard

  • Ranunculus white you floral

    White Ranunculus

  • Pink Ranunculus Flower Delivery

    Pink Ranunculus

  • Mini Carnations Florist Near Me

    Light Pink Carnations – Mini

  • White Lisianthus Flower Delivery

    White Lisianthus

  • Ruscus Italian Florist SuppliesRuscus Italian Flower Delivery Canada

    Ruscus – Italian

  • white waxflower

    White Waxflower

  • Burgundy RanunculusBurgundy Ranunculus

    Burgundy Ranunculus

  • Red Ranunculus Florist Near Me

    Red Ranunculus

  • Orange Ranunculus

  • Yellow Ranunculus

  • Fushia Carnations Mini Florist Near Me 1

    Fushia Carnations – Mini

  • Red Carnations MiniRed Carnations Mini

    Red Carnations – Mini

  • Light Purple Mini Carnations Flower DeliveryLight Purple Mini Carnations Florist Near Me

    Light Purple Carnations – Mini

  • Dark Purple Carnations Mini

    Dark Purple Carnations – Mini

  • Burgundy Carnations Mini2

    Burgundy Carnations – Mini

  • Pale Yellow Mini Carnations Flower DeliveryPale Yellow Mini Carnations Florist Winnipeg

    Pale Yellow Carnations – Mini

  • Orange Carnations Mini Florist Near Me

    Orange Carnations – Mini

  • Peach Carnations Mini Flower Delivery

    Peach Carnations – Mini

  • dark red lisianthus

    Red Lisianthus

  • yellow lisianthus

    Yellow Lisianthus

  • Light Purple Lisianthus Flower Delivery

    Light Purple Lisianthus

  • Green Lisianthus 1

    Green Lisianthus

  • Burgundy Lisianthus

  • Purple Lisianthus Flower Delivery

    Purple Lisianthus

  • peach lisianthus

    Peach Lisianthus

  • Pink Lisianthus Florist Near Me

    Pink Lisianthus

  • Fushia Carnation Standard Flower Delivery

    Fushia Carnation Standard

  • Pink Carnation Standard Flower Delivery

    Pink Carnation Standard

  • White Purple Carnation Standard2

    White & Purple Carnation Standard

  • Red Carnation Standard

    Red Carnation Standard

  • Red & White Carnation Standard

  • Tinted Blue Carnation StandardTinted Blue Carnation Standard

    Tinted Blue Carnation Standard

  • tinted grey carnation

    Tinted Grey Carnation Standard

  • Light Purple Carnation Standard2

    Light Purple Carnation Standard

  • Dark Purple Carnation Standard2

    Dark Purple Carnation Standard

  • Burgundy Carnation Standard Florist Near Me

    Burgundy Carnation Standard

  • Light Green Carnation Standard Florist Near Me

    Light Green Carnation Standard

  • Pale Yellow Carnation Standard Florist Near MePale Yellow Carnation Standard Flower Delivery

    Pale Yellow Carnation Standard

  • Orange Carnation Standard

    Orange Carnation Standard

  • Peach Carnation Standard Flower DeliveryPeach Carnation Standard Florist Near Me

    Peach Carnation Standard

  • Cream Carnation Standard2

    Cream Carnation Standard

  • Eryngium Florist Near Me

    Blue Eryngium

  • Olive Florist Near Me


  • Seeded Eucalyptus Flower Delivery Vancouver

    Eucalyptus – Seeded


Got Questions?

we’ve got answers!

What’s In Our DIY Wedding Packages?

In this video, you’ll meet Sarah and learn about her vast experience with DIY Wedding Flowers. We have lots of tutorials that will guide you step by step to assemble your wedding bouquet, and we are always available to help too!

How Do I Create Beautiful Wedding Centerpieces?

DIY wedding centerpieces are a great way to save money and make your wedding day extra memorable. In this video, Sarah will guide you on how to make a picture-perfect centerpiece for your special day and cover the top ideas for DIY centerpieces for wedding receptions.

How It Works

We will overnight priority ship all the flowers to the location of your choice 2-3 days before your wedding. We have a number of blog posts dedicated to teaching you how to assemble your arrangements, and many You Tube videos as well.


Select Flowers

Start with a pre-designed DIY wedding flower collection or create your own bundle with bunches of wholesale stems. You can also work with our flower experts to create a unique package customized to your vibe.


Learn From The Pro’s

Peruse our vast collection of blogs and tutorial video’s…you’ll be feeling confident and ready to take on the world with our tools in your toolbelt



Receive & Arrange

Flowers show up to your door. Following our instructions, unpack your beautiful blooms and assemble your arrangements. Time to show the world your talents.

We Have Some Of The Best Wedding Bouquet Idea’s. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask!

Have you been dreaming of your perfect wedding day? We can help you turn that dream into a reality. Doing flowers for your own wedding can be overwhelming so why not ask an expert? We provide one on one consultations where we will fully guide you through customizations and help you save on the cost of diy wedding flowers. We can recommend what will work best for your wedding bouquet and give you ideas for any theme and vibe. If dried flowers are more your thing, we have options for you to make dried flower wedding bouquets, flowers that will last a lifetime!

America’s Number One DIY Wedding Bouquet Provider

You Floral has been second to none when it comes to DIY wedding flowers and has been featured in the following publications featuring bouquets arranged using our bulk flowers

vancouver magazine 1
Rocky Mountain Bride
Loving Littles Blog
Judy Dill
Community Votes Victoria Winners 1
West Coast Weddings
BC Living
doing flowers for your own wedding

Here Are Just A Few Of The DIY Wedding Flowers We Specialize In:

  • DIY Wedding Arbour Flowers
  • DIY Dried Flower Wedding Bouquets
  • DIY Spring Wedding Bouquets
  • DIY Winter Wedding Centerpieces
  • DIY White Rose Wedding Bouquets
  • DIY Rustic Wedding Bouquets
  • DIY Tropical Wedding Centerpieces
  • DIY Vintage Wedding Centerpieces
  • DIY Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets
  • DIY Eucalyptus Centerpieces
  • DIY Hanging Flowers Wedding
  • DIY Wedding Aisle Flowers
  • DIY Indian Wedding Centerpieces
  • DIY Wedding Arch Flowers

The sky is the limit as to what you can DIY… we have the florals and greenery you need, and the support for you to achieve your vision. You’ll have the highest quality, florist grade flowers delivered straight to your door directly from our warehouses…cared for with the utmost attention and care.

Here’s What Our Happy Newlywed’s Are Saying:


Tiffany Shelswell
Tiffany Shelswell
June 29, 2023.
You Floral was the obvious choice for our wedding florals; my aunt is a florist in Europe and her gift to us was to do all of the bouquets and arrangements. The website made it possible for us to communicate about what to order even though we were continents away from each other! I wanted a simple colour palette with lots of different textures and You Floral had a huge amount of variety available. The ordering process was easy, communication was clear, and the flowers came in impeccable shape - and they stayed flawless for many days after the wedding. I had so many compliments on the bouquets and everyone asked which florist I'd gotten them from! It felt so good to be able to point to my aunt and say "Silvia!". (photo by Hayley Zumkeller Photography)
Melissa Keil
Melissa Keil
June 23, 2023.
Our team had a great time with Sarah and her DIY floral workshop
Lexis Lane
Lexis Lane
June 16, 2023.
As a wedding photographer on Vancouver island I get SO excited when I see Sarah’s beautiful work at weddings. Her talent and passion towards florals is remarkable and she is so kind, patient and professional. I love to recommend her work to my wedding clients and I’m confident she will always do such a great job.
Bryce and Danielle Alliston
Bryce and Danielle Alliston
May 10, 2023.
You Floral held such a fun floral workshop at Sea cider I got the pleasure of doing with my mom and grandmother for Mother's Day. I would highly recommend their workshops to anyone and even attend another in the future.
Julia Harrison
Julia Harrison
May 8, 2023.
So much fun! My mom and I had a blast putting together these bouquets! Looks a lot easier then it actually is, but it was wonderful, highly recommend 🙂 Thanks so much YouFloral!
Katie Brand
Katie Brand
May 7, 2023.
I attended a workshop with YouFloral to learn how to make a spring spiral bouquet and it was so fantastic! The workshop was held at Sea Cider, which is a beautiful and bright space with ocean views. We were welcomed with cider mimosa’s and the cutest sugar cookie was displayed at our seat. We were provided a demo and instructions on how to create a spring spiral bouquet. I have always felt like a creative person and have struggled with floral arrangements in the past. I definitely have the insight now on how to create a beautiful floral arrangement. The blooms and greenery provided were stunning and plentiful. There were 3 instructors to offer us support while we were arranging the flowers, and help tie and wrap the bouquets (most of which were pretty giant). I will be enjoying my floral arrangement for the days to come. My family members are definitely impressed with my new skills. 😉 What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. Thank you, You Floral!
Alexa Rose
Alexa Rose
April 29, 2023.
Definitely would recommend this distributor for your wedding florals. We ordered over 100 roses for our wedding. They arrived in excellent condition and it was easy to rehydrate them. Sarah is a wonderful human who has a wealth of knowledge. She helped me put together a bridal bouquet completely composed of piano garden roses.
Konner Sloat
Konner Sloat
April 24, 2023.
I had an amazing experience with You Floral. From the initial call for details right up until delivery everything went smoothly and the flowers were beautiful!
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